Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Live without needing to eat or drink for comfort.

Enjoy healthy meals, sensible portion sizes and savour each mouthful.

Then experience yourself beginning to look and feel the way you want.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Decide that nicotine has no place in your life anymore.

Treat your lungs to the regular supply of clean air they deserve.

And enjoy becoming a Non-Smoker for good.

Discovering all that you’ve been missing.

Stress Management Hypnotherapy

Respect your physical, mental and emotional limits.

Learn to say ‘no’ as well as ‘yes’.

Make time for relaxation and other healthy habits.

And begin to enjoy, rather than endure, the challenges of life.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Learn how to ease your mind when worries start to build.

Let go of thinking about all the things that could happen.

Just plan for the most likely events.

And trust that you’ll handle everything else.

Insomnia Hypnotherapy

Discover what stops you from falling asleep.

Then establish a new healthy bedtime routine.

And begin to benefit from the sleep that you need.

Hypnotherapy Norwich, Relaxation & Stress-Reduction Norwich, Hypnosis Norwich Hypnotherapy Norwich
Steve Horrocks HPD, MNCH (Reg.)

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Relaxation & Stress-Reduction Norwich

Steve Horrocks is privileged to have received expert tuition from a number of highly-regarded UK Hypnotherapy Training Schools.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)

His experience in using Neuro-Linguistic Programming/NLP (a set of powerful communication and therapeutic tools developed by modelling the approaches of a number of leading therapists) began over 20 years ago in a business training context.

More recently, Steve greatly added to his knowledge and expertise, through gaining the widely-recognised & NCFE-accredited HPD qualification.

Since then, he has been guiding clients, both young and ‘young at heart’, on how to harness the power of their emotions and their imagination. Click here to find a selection of client comments about Steve and his work with them.

Steve's hypnotherapy practice has a particular focus on supporting clients address their sleep, weight loss and anxiety problems. He also helps clients to manage IBS, deal with fears & phobias, and resolve emotional issues - especially around the time of separation/divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Steve is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and is registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. In addition, Steve holds an enhanced DBS check for working with children and vulnerable adults.

Stress-Reduction & Relaxation Norwich, Hypnosis Norwich, Hypnotherapy Norwich

You can look forward to Steve providing you with a completely personalised approach at each session you have with him.

So make now the time you say yes to positive change.

Contact him today

And picture yourself taking the first step towards experiencing life differently - leaving your current difficulties behind you.

Effective Hypnotherapy Techniques

Steve uses a variety of hypnosis & therapeutic techniques - some of which are considered to be the latest ‘cutting-edge’ methods along with others that are more established and have stood the test of time.

All the techniques he employs have been selected because they have the potential to assist clients experience significant and long-lasting life changes in a relatively short period of time.

Clients can work with him on addressing a wide range of conditions.

After a person has experienced hypnosis for the first time, it is not unusual to hear them say that the experience was quite different from what they were expecting. And, you may be surprised by the results that can be achieved from a programme of hypnotherapy consisting of a relatively small number of sessions.

Hypnotherapy is recognised by a number of health-related organisations including:-
the National Health Service (NHS), the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the British Medical Association (BMA) and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Steve Horrocks' main Hypnotherapy Practices serve people
in Norwich and Norfolk:

South Norfolk and Norwich Hypnotherapy Clinics
Location 1
The Practice Rooms
9/11 Lower Goat Lane,
Location 2
Trafalgar Square,
Norfolk, NR14 7WT
Comfort & Convenience
  • Discreet therapy rooms
  • Multiple car parks nearby
  • Located close to the Market
Travelling by Car
  • FREE Car Parking
  • 5 miles approx. from city centre
  • About 15-20 mins travel time
Bus & Rail Travel
  • 5 mins walk from Castle Meadow
  • 10 mins walk from Bus Station
  • 15 mins walk from Train Station
Travelling by Bus
  • 5 mins walk from bus stop
  • Service from St. Stephens St, Norwich, NR1
  • About 20-30 mins travel time

If you have a life issue that you believe could benefit from personalised hypnotherapy and you feel now is the right time to take positive action…
Text or call Norwich, Norfolk: 07539 746074
Or use Steve's contact form.

For some of life's problems it can be a good option to turn to friends or family members. Unfortunately, on other occasions the types of problems we face may seem far too complex or demanding for us to be comfortable involving people that are close to us.

Where our problem is a physical or mental health issue… it's vital that we get an accurate diagnosis from a suitably-qualified healthcare professional.

However, sometimes we can feel that the treatment offered as a result of that diagnosis is not something we are comfortable receiving long-term, or perhaps that the results being achieved are disappointing. Providing your GP considers that an additional approach using alternative methods will not be problematic, and may be beneficial, then hypnotherapy is one of a number of options open to you.

Q. What is Hypnotherapy?
The word has evolved from ‘Hypnosis Therapy’, and as you might expect, is a form of therapy which makes extensive use of hypnosis to assist clients deal with their specific problems.

Q. How do I know which Hypnotherapy Practitioner or Therapist is likely to be most effective in helping me address my issue?
Some years ago a therapist/researcher looked at this whole area, and in his book on the subject he stated:-

“… There is… one factor which has gathered overwhelming support, through hundreds of studies, as the key essential ingredient of a successful therapist…”

”It is the personality make-up of the therapist.”

This single factor appears to be far more important than the school of thought that underpins a therapist's work, or the specific methods employed by him/her.

The characteristics that tend to be well-developed in more effective therapists include:- empathy, warmth, genuineness and respect.

And you can look forward to such a therapist being a committed and sensitive guide to you addressing your concerns. They will support you in thoroughly exploring your thoughts, feelings & behaviour and accessing the inner resources that can assist you achieve the results you want.

Q. Why might I want to choose Hypnotherapy rather than another type of therapy?
If the issue you are facing is one that you cannot seem to greatly affect through conscious willpower alone, then hypnotherapy stands out as an approach that could be beneficial for you.

Unfortunately, there is no universally-accepted definition of what hypnosis is, but perhaps it can be usefully thought of as a means of opening up a more effective communication channel with the part of our mind that drives our habitual behaviour & stress responses, and in which we store our experiences from the past. Modern hypnotherapy makes use of hypnosis to help us gain easier access to this vitally important area of our mind.

Once we are able to see the structures in our mind that are contributing to our problems - using the most appropriate hypnotherapy methods, we will be in a much better position to find a solution.

Often a significant part of the way forward in hypnotherapy consists of establishing a new set of more productive habits, and in some cases it may also be helpful to look at modestly updating one or more of our related beliefs too.

By ensuring that these new habits & revised beliefs satisfy what we want consciously and that they will be in harmony with our sense of self at a deeper level, greatly enhances the process and makes it much more likely that our hypnotherapy treatment will have a long-lasting positive effect.

Rather than you being concerned that Hypnosis may lead to you having less control it's probably more helpful and accurate for you to see it, and any hypnotherapy sessions that you decide to have, as ways of you potentially gaining more control over your life.

The practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy is designed to harness hypnosis for therapeutic ends and it makes use of a variety of methods drawn from other forms of therapy to achieve this.

You may find that Hypnotherapy is able to achieve the same results as other types of therapy but that the time taken is somewhat less.

In addition, if the nature of your problem indicates that its roots are located more deeply in your subconscious mind, then achieving longer-lasting change could be enhanced by choosing Hypnotherapy rather than other approaches that primarily focus on working with the conscious intellectual mind.

It's therefore probably not surprising to you that Hypnotherapy has achieved a reputation as a highly-effective therapy that can provide benefits to clients in a relatively small number of sessions.

So if you feel drawn to working with Steve as your guide in using Hypnotherapy to help you address your current issues contact him today.

Either to ask him any remaining questions you may have, before deciding you want to successfully deal with what's holding you back in life.

Or, if you are ready to start working on your problem using hypnosis to support you, then feel free to request an initial session at his Norwich or South Norfolk Hypnotherapy Clinic for as soon as convenient over the coming days.

A selection of the life challenges/issues that Steve can work with his hypnotherapy clients to address:-

Here, you can discover more about Steve Horrocks, his hypnotherapy approach, and if you are located in Norwich or Norfolk, how to take things further.

Let today be the day that you decide to move forward in your life and benefit from…

Relaxation & Stress-Reduction Norwich, Hypnosis Norwich, Hypnotherapy Norwich

Key areas:- become a non-smoker, manage stress, worry less, deal with fears & phobias, achieve healthy & sustainable weight loss, gain increased confidence, improved self-esteem, sleep better & relax more.

As with all forms of therapy - the precise results achieved may vary from person to person.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Have you tried lots of diets and high intensity exercise programmes without much success?

When it comes to you achieving success in your weight management efforts - are you still searching for the missing ingredient?

Find out more...
Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Getting free of tobacco for someone else rarely works.

So decide for yourself that you really want to stop…

And then choose to work towards becoming a non-smoker with a personalised support programme.

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Manage Your Stress

Feeling overwhelmed and under pressure?

Stop! Learn how to experience life differently…

Breathe out… the tension in your body & mind.

Breathe in… the joy of a life that’s more relaxed and satisfying.

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Reduce your Anxiety

Reduce Your Anxiety

Are you constantly worrying about the future?

Perhaps now is the time to finally break free of this unhealthy cycle?

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Overcome Insomnia

Overcome Insomnia

When was the last time you had a truly restful night?

Sleep is something everybody needs - so take action today to help re-establish a successful bedtime routine.

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