Client Comments

Here is a selection of the client feedback I've been privileged to receive:-

“He filled me with confidence.”

“Other approaches never seemed to get to the bottom of my problems.”

“It's made me think differently...”

“...hypnotherapy had a better impact than... counselling.”

“Intelligent, warm, friendly man.”

“I was treated with the utmost respect and nothing was overlooked...”

“I highly recommend the practice.”

“Keep doing what you're doing and that's making positive changes to people's lives...”

“Nothing but positive vibes.”

“The hypnotherapy sessions shifted my mood, my thinking, my coping strategies and my relationships in a positive direction...”

“...very effective...”

“...counselling… was helpful... but not in a lasting way.
...hypnotherapy got straight to the point, and brought about relief... in a short time...”

“Respectful, sensitive, insightful,... warm, effective...”

“When choosing a hypnotherapist I looked for someone well qualified...”

“First class!”

“…hypnotherapy was helpful…”


“…many benefits from my sessions.”

“I would definitely recommend it.”

“I was shown techniques to prevent the problems and how to deal with them if they ever occurred again.”

“Hypnotherapy is definitely the best out of all the approaches.”

“I would highly recommend Steve... he's very good at putting you at ease and explaining things to you.”

“He is a genuinely great person.”

“I felt more confident, energetic and had developed more self-esteem than ever.”

“ is a very effective technique.”

“I feel confident and I have hope.”


“It acts like a supportive bridge, which solidifies your mental condition.”

“I feel that this kind of therapy can challenge other conventional therapies.”

“After a relatively short programme of sessions I have seen real progress in identifying and dealing with the causes of my anxiety.”

“Initially I was somewhat sceptical... I am now certain that hypnotherapy has some real benefits and can achieve significant improvements.”

“I felt that Steve was able to 'get to the core' of some issues...”

“Steve was highly professional and empathetic.”

“He is genuinely interested in helping people...”

“A very positive experience and one that has had significant benefits...”

“Addressed the underlying root causes that other therapies had not touched.”

“This process has significantly reduced my anxiety.”

“I rate Steve's work with me very highly.”

“I would describe Steve's way of working as extremely positive and encouraging.”

“I have achieved... an even better outlook on the future than I imagined.”

“Positive, open.”

“Steve has helped me more than I thought possible. I still use his techniques to help me... they really do work for me.”

“As the treatment went forward it had a positive effect on me...”

“Be as honest as you can... to get the most out of it.”

“He worked with me at my own rate.”

“I consider this to be the best method of peeling off the layers of what we choose to cover over in our lives.”

“...getting to the heart of the matter.”

“I knew I needed professional help with what had become a long-standing problem and when I first met Steve Horrocks I knew he was the right person.”


“Relaxed, safe and totally at ease.”

“A level of relaxation we don't feel in our everyday busy lives.”

“The service to clients is first class.”

“More people could benefit from this kind of treatment.”

“I had no self confidence... I now believe in myself.”

“I do not worry what other people think... I can and will run my own business.”

“My view of hypnotherapy is more positive now... I know it works.”

“Friendly, gentle, safe.”

“Steve helped me find the person who was buried deep inside.”

“I started the journey as one person and finished a better person.”

“I cannot fault one thing.”

“I feel calmer and able to deal with situations...”

“ was my last resort.”

“Calm, methodical, sensitive and caring.”

“Steve is very calm and patient. Just what I needed.”

“I wanted to be helped with my claustrophobia. The sessions I had have given me an understanding of where my phobia stemmed from. I can now view difficult situations with a different mindset and feel more positive.”

“Very professional, caring and understanding.”

“Steve... helped me make positive changes that will last the rest of my life.”

“...a long term therapeutic solution that helps rebalance your emotions and past trauma.”

“He's excellent and very intuitive...”

“A pleasure to work with...”

“...immeasurably helped my self-development.”

“...I would recommend this therapeutic approach.”

“...reassuring, patient, positive, kind, approachable, open...”

“...great listener and reflective communicator.”

As with all forms of therapy - the precise results achieved may vary from person to person.

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