Pain Relief using HypnosisManaging Pain with Hypnotherapy

When we experience discomfort or pain it's much easier to accept when we can see that it's serving a useful purpose. Perhaps it's helping us to avoid injury or maybe it's alerting us to a health issue that needs to be addressed.

However, sometimes our internal pain-signalling system doesn't seem to operate as accurately or reliably as we might wish. It could be that we find ourself experiencing pain when there is no obvious cause or that the strength of the pain signal seems to be out of proportion to the issue it's highlighting.

When this sort of problem persists, a person may experience a high degree of suffering on top of their initial pain, which could affect their mood and their overall quality of life.

Where there is no medical reason for the pain-signal processing to be operating in the way that it is, what can be done to help the individual gain some relief?

Hypnosis can be thought of as a way of us more easily communicating with our deeper self for better understanding and lasting change. This opens up the possibility that we may be able to help re-balance our internal pain-signalling system through the use of appropriate hypnotic suggestions.

Being physically relaxed and mentally calm can directly affect a person's experience of discomfort and can significantly reduce their suffering as a result. A tailored hypnotherapy programme can guide a person suffering from persistent pain to find the approaches that are most useful to them and support them incorporate these techniques into their daily wellbeing routine.

Our experience of pain is greatly affected by the way we view any discomfort and regularly talk about it in our minds. Hypnotherapy can be employed to help securely establish more supportive styles of thinking. As the thoughts and inner dialogue we have about our discomfort become more positive and balanced this can have a knock-on effect on our overall mood and quality of life.

If you have an open-mind and a desire for change then that's all you need to get the most out of hypnotherapy for pain relief.

As with all forms of therapy - the precise results achieved may vary from person to person.

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